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Clouds At Play offers an imaginative activity in which children look at photos of cloud formations and read simple rhymes providing clues to possible characters shaped by the dynamic puffs and swirls. After making their best guess, readers turn the page to reveal an eye-catching illustrated answer.

We can all relate to picking out images in clouds. What child hasn’t looked up to marvel at the beautiful “ice cream castles” building high above? Though this book is recommend for ages 3 to 9, such natural fun is appealing to kids of all ages.

Author Brian Jay is also a fine artist, graphic designer, and photographer. With decades of experience, Clouds At Play showcases his many talents.

The colorful photographs are the culmination of countless hours watching clouds and capturing their majestic shapes, while celebrating each potential for an awesome work of art. The creative illustrations bring the clouds to life and are sure to fire up the imaginations of every little one who plays along!

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Clouds do make the funniest faces! All you have to do is look up and imagine. In this book, Brian Jay uses his artistic skills to flush out faces in the sky in many hilarious and sometimes dramatic ways.

This is the second in Brian’s series of cloud books focusing upon exercising the imagination. Due to many requests for even more fascinating cloud creations, Brian spent a year picking out twice as many puffy characters, but this time with an emphasis on zany faces.

"Let's Find Funny Faces!" is a picture book, written in simple poetic verse, and is tailored for children from preschool on up to elementary grades. Surprisingly we've discovered that many adults, primarily seniors above eighty, get a thrill from flipping through the numerous pages of fascinating images.

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