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What Do You See In The Clouds?

This Top Review Says It All!


Reviewed by Amy Louise Hill

Clouds at Play by Brian Jay is a fun and imaginative picture book for children. The book shows images of clouds that have shapes hidden within them and provides a rhyme to help the young reader guess what each one is. Each page becomes more and more exciting as the shapes take form into bigger and more spectacular animals! This book inspires creativity and will expand the young reader's imagination. I wonder how many shapes you can guess correctly?


Author Brian Jay is a talented artist and has a broad imagination. I think it's safe to say that most people as children looked up at the clouds and tried to find different shapes within them, and it was the most fun thing to do! This book can be used in numerous situations; for example, you could try to match the shapes in the book with the real shapes in the sky, or if you are sick and can't go outside, you can simply pick up Clouds At Play and still join in the fun. Children will love taking part in this activity book, and it will be a good bonding experience as you relate to the excitement they feel as nostalgia kicks in. I enjoyed every page of this wonderful book, and I know it will be a great success among children. I hope to see more of Brian Jay's talent soon. Keep up the good work, stay creative, and enjoy your writing journey!

Sample Pages

Clouds At Play offers an imaginative activity in which children look at photos of cloud formations and read simple rhymes providing clues to possible characters shaped by the dynamic puffs and swirls. After making their best guess, readers turn the page to reveal an eye-catching illustrated answer.

We can all relate to picking out images in clouds. What child hasn’t looked up to marvel at the beautiful “ice cream castles” building high above? Though this book is recommend for ages 3 to 9, such natural fun is appealing to kids of all ages.

Author Brian Jay is also a fine artist, graphic designer, and photographer. With decades of experience, Clouds At Play showcases his many talents.

The colorful photographs are the culmination of countless hours watching clouds and capturing their majestic shapes, while celebrating each potential for an awesome work of art. The creative illustrations bring the clouds to life and are sure to fire up the imaginations of every little one who plays along!


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